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2016 - Present


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1943 - 1955


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1932 - 1943


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1920 - 1932 

♦ (EOW 3/10/1932) ♦


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1916 - 1920


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1897 - 1916

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Chief Frederick Blackshaw

EOW: March 10, 1932

During Hurricane Floyd in 1998, the Ridgewood Police Headquarters was heavily damaged by flood waters that rose from the Ho-Ho-Kus Brook due to the storm serge.  Not only was there a significant amount of structural damage to our building, but many files, including some of our department's history, were also damaged by the flood waters. Unfortunately this has made it difficult for us to follow this history of our department. 

Not much is known about Chief Frederick Blackshaw's service here at the Ridgewood Police Department.  What is known is that Chief Frederick Blackshaw was one of the founding members of our Department, being sworn in as a Police Officer in 1897.  Chief Blackshaw rose through the ranks and was promoted to Chief in July of 1920.  According to records, Chief Blackshaw passed away, suddenly, on March 10, 1932 while he was the active Chief of Police.

Patrolman Robert Danahue-Stockbower

EOW: November 18, 1943 (WW2)

Ptl. Stockbower became a Ridgewood policeman in July 1940.

He was the first patrolman to enter the police force via a Civil Service examination even though civil service had not yet been established for Village employees. After a one-year probationary period he was accepted as a full-fledged member of the Ridgewood Police Force. At that same time, his father was clerk for the Village police, the police court and the Board of Health.
Stockbower was drafted into the military in September 1941 as a Private in the Signal Corps, rose to Technical Sergeant, was approved as an Air Cadet and earned his wings as a pilot of multiengine bombers at Stockton Field, California July 28, 1943. He then completed the Pilot Transition Four-Engine course at Hobbs Army Air Field in New Mexico.

Ptl. Stockbower was killed when co-piloting a B26 bomber that went down near the base of a mountain in November of 1943.  Ptl. Stockhower was the only Ridgewood Police Officer killed in service during WW2.

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