Car Burglary Prevention Tips

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Car Burglary Prevention Tips

CAR BURGLARIES are very difficult cases to solve due to the burglars usually leaving very little physical evidence behind after a car burglary has occurred. The crimes usually occur in business parking lots and residential streets and driveways at night, when it is less likely the thieves will be seen. Some of the most common places we have seen car burglaries are locations where people are doing some type of physical activity requiring them to leave their valuables behind in their vehicle. These places include Graydon Pool parking lot during the daytime, the Bergen County Park on East Ridgewood Ave near the start of the bike path, New York Sports Club on South Broad Street and the YMCA parking lot.  In order to help reduce the risk of becoming a victim of a car burglary we have provided some easy tips to follow. ALWAYS close your windows and lock your car doors. An open window or unlocked door is an invitation to a criminal.

PARK in well lit areas close to the building. While parking in an isolated spot may reduce the risk of door dings, a criminal looks for cars parked out of the way in order to help ensure less attention is drawn to them.

REMOVE loose valuables from your vehicle. This includes, purses, wallets, cellular phones, laptop computers, and briefcases. A car burglar loves to see items that can be grabbed easily and carried away without much effort. A brick through the window is all it takes to gain access to those loose items.

REPORT suspicious persons seen wandering around in parking lots or looking into cars as they walk by you can even call and remain anonymous.


Keep a list of serial numbers for your commonly used electronic equipment. Even if you plan on never leaving a cellular phone or laptop computer in your car, you should record all of the following information: Make of Item

Model Number

Serial Number


Having this information available is necessary in order to enter the items into the computer database. This will aid the police in trying to locate the items if the offender(s) are found with them or if they are pawned. This will also ensure the property is returned to the rightful owner.


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