Volunteers Sought to Help Combat Domestic Violence in Bergen County

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Local Bergen County Police Departments and the Bergen County Department of Human Services and the Division of Alternatives to Domestic Violence (BCDHS/ADV) are recruiting volunteers for a regional team that will respond to victims of domestic violence at police departments located throughout the county. Volunteers from the community are trained to offer necessary information and referrals to victims at a time when they need it most. Anyone interested in applying should go to Application form for Services, Alternatives to Domestic Violence, Get Involved Application (see link below). Please complete then submit and print. Signature page needs to be faxed. If you do not have internet access, please call 201.336.7577. BCDHS/ADV has provided family violence prevention, education and training and emergency intervention services in Bergen County for the past 37 years. Applicants are required to consent to a criminal background check, urine test, be finger-printed and attend a 40-hour training.


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