The Meter Closing Form is available, above, for your convenience.  This form can printed out and completed in advance, then submitted by:

  1. Delivery in person.


Village Ordinance 249-42F

No person, firm, or corporation shall, during the course of their work within the Village's public rights-of-way requiring a permit under this chapter, occupy metered parking spaces without the proper compensation due the Village in accordance with the fees set forth in Chapter 145, Fees.

[Added 6-9-2010 by Ord. No. 3254]

Village Ordinance 249-42G

Any nonprofit/tax exempt organization seeking to occupy a portion of the Village's parking metered public right-of way shall, prior to their occupation, request and receive permission in the form of a permit from the Office of the Village Manager. The request shall state the dates of any occupation of the Village's parking metered public right-of-way, the anticipated duration, and the number of parking meters to be occupied. There shall be no permit fee for any qualified nonprofit/tax exempt organizations. The maximum duration of occupancy to be permitted, with no fee, shall be two hours per day.

[Added 8-11-2010 by Ord. No. 3260]

Village Ordinance 249-42H

The Village Manager shall have the discretion to waive the bagged meter fee for the Village's parking metered right-of-way for any organization that, prior to its occupation of said spaces, applies for and receives a permit from the Office of the Village Manager. The said permit shall be limited to no more than 15 metered parking spaces at a time per event. The waiver of the bagged meter fee shall be noted on the permit issued.

[Added 3-12-2014 by Ord. No. 3407]

Village Ordinance 249-42I

For special events. When a special event, free to the public, desires to utilize metered parking spaces adjacent to a Village Park or public space (i.e., Van Neste Square, the train station, etc.) on a Sunday, the Village Manager shall have the option, upon request, to issue a permit waiving the fee for bagging the parking meters desired by the event.


The Village of Ridgewood is a one of the few municipalities in Bergen County that uses parking meters to regulate our bustling downtown area's parking spaces.  Due to Village Ordinances, it is a violation to park any vehicle for longer than the time specified by ordinance at any given parking space.  Doing so constitutes “overtime parking” or “repeat parking” and vehicles in violation of these ordinances may receive a parking summons for the offense.

In recognition of events, or incidents, where someone may need to park a vehicle in a metered spot for longer then permitted by ordinance, permits are available to "rent" the space for a period of time.

Does it cost money to “rent” a space?
Yes, there is a fee to ‘close’ the meter for the time you’re requesting the space.  The fee is $10/day per space. 
How long can I “rent” a space?
The ordinances don’t specifically state how many days you can ‘rent’ a space; however, the Chief of Police or Village Manager would use their discretion as to what is appropriate to permit.
How many spaces can I “rent” at once?
No more than fifteen (15) spaces may be rented at one time, as per Village Ordinance 249-42H.
Who can "rent" the space?
In theory, anyone can rent the spaces.  However, permission is only given for special events, emergency situations, or any other exceptional situation deemed appropriate by the Chief of Police or Village Manager.

Is the permit only for one vehicle at a time?

No, the permit is for the space itself and is not specifically assigned to one (1) vehicle.  Obviously only one vehicle at a time may occupy any one space, but you may authorize any number of vehicles utilize the space for any amount of time you wish (e.g. several deliveries of materials throughout day by different trucks IS permissible.  Parking four (4) motorcycles in the space at once is NOT permitted.)

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